Managing Teams

Smartdata uses teams to manage access to datasets. This page will explain how teams work, and includes a video tutorial at the end.

You can manage teams from the “Tools” menu by clicking on “Manage Teams”. From this page you can see all of the teams you are part of, manage them, and create new teams.

You can find all the management options under the options button for each team. Team Options Button

To manage team membership, and to promote/demote team leaders, click on “Team Members”. From within this page, you can add a team member by typing their username into the text box then clicking add. Note that they require a Smartdata account before you can add them to a team. Once someone is in a team, you can promote them to a leader. You can also demote someone from team leader to a regular member. Each team must always have at least one team leader.

A pilot requires a team ID to upload a new dataset. When the dataset has finished processing, it will automatically be added to this team and any team members will be able to access it. Please be aware that team IDs are automatically generated and cannot be altered. Team IDs will always be a three word phrase, separated by 2 dashes in the middle.

If you’re part of a team and you longer wish to be, it’s easy to leave. Just select the leave team link from under the team options button. Note that a team leader will have to add you if you wish to be part of it again.

Finally, to edit a team, just select “edit team” from the team options menu. Fill out the form and click save team.

This video tutorial will explain how to manage teams in more depth.